GUIBO, the guidebook management and distribution system


The guidebook for a specific trip can be maintained as a complete package and all the information is updated at the same time. Every customer who books a trip with you is therefore provided with all necessary information online and offline. When the trip ends, the documents are automatically removed from the device after a specified period of time.

The possibilities with Itinerary Management in GUIBO

The GUIBO App for Android and iOS devices

Your customers can download your guidebooks and navigate in the outdoors. Also available: Your own branded app.


The digital map & guidebook

Offer your customers more and provide the digital literature pack with all relevant travel information:


  • Detailed hiking and cycling maps with GPS navigation
  • Route descriptions
  • Topographic profiles
  • Pictures
  • General travel information

Your guidebooks can be downloaded by your customers only

Only actual customer can download your guidebook for the period of their trip. You control the number of devices on which a guidebook can be downloaded and the period of time for which it is available. You can also restrict access to information in the web app and pass it on to specific customers.

Reliable outdoor navigation for hiking and cycling holidays

Our white-label navigation apps have been used successfully on hiking and biking tours throughout Europe by customers of leading tour operators. Now we are offering the GUIBO App, one App for everybody! GUIBO app is much more user friendly and flexible, and also provides better guidance than printed maps, documents, and directions on paper.

Trip preview

You can give your customers a taste of the trips available on your website via the web app. Simply include a map as a module for individual trips and by doing this you can make travel descriptions, pictures, highlights, journey stages and other impressions available to your customers before they book.

Print maps

You can instantly create a printable PDF document or PNG file from all of your routes. Place additional texts, icons, markers and waypoints onto the map, choose the desired map section and download your printable file.

Our promise:

The best value for money

A lower cost than in-house development, GUIBO is still adaptable and can integrate with your systems
You always have full control over your data
GUIBO is not a publishing platform. The content is only for yourself and your customers.

Together we will find the optimal solution

Face-to-face contact and working in partnership is very important to us.
We offer a flexible and transparent pricing model with fair prices and no hidden costs
Contact us and we will make you an individual offer.