29.06.2018 11:29

Active navigation instructions for cyclists

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If you are are tour operator for cycling holidays and are looking for a cycling navigation app for your customers, look no longer!

We planned, developed and tested this new functionality for the last months. And now it is available in the GUIBO App. 

The standard navigation shows the current position on the map and the direction of movement. The app goes into a sleeping modus just seconds after the last interaction with the app. This reflects the typical behaviour of a hiker; Stop walking for a minute, check the position and directions on the map and put the smartphone back into the pocket.


A cyclist however, is approaching diversions much faster and constantly wants to see the route and map while the smartphone is mounted to the handlebar. Therefore we extended the GUIBO App Navigation with these functionalities:



  • The app is not going into a sleeping modus while cycling navigation is turned on
  • The map is roating itself to ensure the route is always showin the driving direction
  • Navigations instructions show up on the screen prior to arriving at a diversion
  • Notifications sounds prior to arriving at a diversion

Test the cycling navigation during the free three month trial period.


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