25.10.2018 19:34

Erase and recreate part of track

There is a new functionality to edit your routes in GUIBO. Until recently, we had three methods to change a route:

1) Shorten the track, cutting and removing a segment at the beginning or at the end of the track

2) Drag intermediate waypoints to alter the route. This is a bit complex for bigger changes.

3) Recreate the complete track by uploading a GPX file or creating the track by hand

Our customers convinced us that none of those methods are perfect for extensive changes. So that's what we came up with:

You can erase part of the track and then recreate the missing section through the standard screen for manual route planning. The following three images show the three steps to edit a track with this new feature.


Edit GPS track
Step 1: Select the option 'Erase and draw partition'
Edit GPS track, erase intermediate waypoints
Step 2: Erase intermediate waypoints and then click the button ''continue'
GPS track, edit route
Step 3: Create the missing route partition between the red marker and the green marker with or without automatic route calculation

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