01.08.2018 18:55

A customized guidebook for every customer

Creating an individual booklet with travel information for each customer is much easier with our digital guidebook management system, compared to creating a literature pack on paper.

In the last weeks we focused on improving the ability to add just the information the customer needs. A customer is only interested in the hotel location of the hotel which the tour operator has booked for him and the relevant bus stations for his journey. He doesn't want to know where the other hotels are and doesn't care where other bus stations are located. This makes the guidebook more clear and compact.

Therefore we separated general guidebook information from data that is specific for each booking.

  • Guidebooks contain the routes of a trip. These are usually identical for each booking.
  • Libraries are a pool of data from which you can select items for a booking. You can create libraries for accomodations, transportation details, points of interest or any other kind of data.


But this is much easier to explain by an example, so we created a video:

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