08.06.2018 06:31

GUIBO: Now with printable hiking & cycling maps

Wanderkarte ausdrucken 

GUIBO is the leading platform for managing travel information, guidebooks and itineraries for the adventure travel industry and provides everything necessary for tour operators to offer digital documents to their customers. Nevertheless, paper maps are still important and will hopefully never die out.

The wish to be able to print out maps came from our customers. As well as providing the guidebooks for download, they still need to maintain and provide printed guidebooks. Until now, this has been a seperate process with a lot of additional work.

These steps have to be done twice, one time for the digital guidebooks in GUIBO and one time for the printed documents:

- Define waypoints on the map

- Draw the route on the map

- Mark accomodations and POIs on the map.

Not to mention the time-consuming work to obtain a high quality topographic map which is suitable for hiking and cycling from traditional map publishers.

Since GUIBO already has the maps of Europe, and all routes and markers are already in place, why should you do all this work again in a separate layout software to create paper documents? Well that was a good question from our customers and we understood the big benefit of being able to create printable documents right out of GUIBO.


Landkarten drucken und veröffentlichen

We got down to work and developed a new feature to create printable map files for every route and POI. All waypoints, markers, route segments, etc. are in this map file, but you have several configuration options to change the appearance and select relevant data. The map files are downloadable as PDF documents which can be printed and handed out to customers.

Additionally, the map files can be downloaded as PNG graphical images, which can be imported in layout software.


Try our print map feature for free.


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