15.06.2018 05:42

The GUIBO walking navigation App

GUIBO is a solution for tour operators which comes with two components:

  1. The cloud software to manage trips, itineraries, maps, routes, etc.
  2. The smartphone app through which customers of tour operators can obtain their guidebooks

In this article, I want to give a short introduction to the App.

The App is not overloaded with features and thus is easy to explain. I has a focus on walking navigation and additional trip information like accommodation, point-of-interests, restaurants, etc. But it has a limited set of features on purpose, because we believe the App should not be the most fancy navigation app the customers ever had, but rather provide

Simple navigation without the need to adjust several settings and choose between multiple options.

This is beneficial for the holiday-makers and for tour operators, because problems with the app handling destroys the positive holiday feeling before the holiday has begun and causes additional costs for the tour operators when they have to deal with the support enquiries.





The start page of a guidebook can be the overview map or a list of all routes. You can select the individual routes and change to the details page.



The details page shows images, route figures like distance, required time, difference in elevation and a description. The language depends on the language setting of the device. 



Each route has a map page which shows only geographic information that is relevant for this route. Customers use this page to navigate on each route.

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