The key features of GUIBO

Some of our most important features of GUIBO portal (guidebook/itinerary management) and  the GUIBO App (downloadable guidebooks for your customers).

Manage unlimited guidebooks

The number of itineraries and the amount of routes is not limited
Maps for your website
Integrate our maps into your website to provide a preview to your itineraries.
Guidebook download
All guidebooks can be downloaded either through the GUIBO App or your own personalized App. Your customers have all routes, maps and information available even without internet connection.
Release Management
You configure each download permission. Only your customers can download your guidebooks for a certain time period. The data will be deleted from their smartphones after the trip has beed completed. We can integrate your booking system to automatically create the download permissions.
GPS Navigation
Your customers use our topografic maps together with your route information and GPS functionality to find their way in every corner of the world.
Interactive topographic offline maps
Our maps, which we produce with a focus on outdoor activities, are on the device and are available in all zoom levels without internet connection.
Paper maps
Create a printable topografic map for each route.
If you like to charge your customers for the digital guidebook, we can activate the In-App-Payment module. (Currently only available with the BUSINESS INDIVIDUAL account).


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